Publishing maps using QGIS Cloud

Sharing the outputs of your GIS work with other people on the globe has become a common practice nowadays. The methods used in sharing this information matters and depends on a number of things;the availability of storage space to store your datasets, the cost of operating a web map,user interactivity of your web maps,the kind of technology the web map uses and many more.
QGIS have the QGISCloud that is can be used to publish maps online within FIVE minutes.Another advantage is that QGIS is Open Source thus no worry of startup costs.This tutorial will demonstrate how publishing maps in QGIS Cloud can be done easily and quickly.
To publish a map using QGISCloud, you need to first install the QGISCloud Plugin.This can be done at “Manage and Install plugins” under the Plugins Menu in QGIS
After installing QGISCloud, we need to create a Database on the Cloud.This is done at need to Sign Up to access the platform.
After “Sign Up” we need to login into our account.In this demostration we will use the “QGIS Cloud Free”
We get back to our QGIS application and login into our account using the QGISCloud plugin.We will create a database using the “Create Database” button.The database name will be displayed in the list box above.
I assume you already have your layers loaded in QGIS as seen in the Figure above.
We now access the “Upload Data” tab to get our layers ready for upload.If no layers are loaded , Click on “Refresh”.Hit on the “Upload data” button.The layers will be uploaded.
After Upload, the data should be ready for publishing .Click on Save.The “Publish Map” option should be added below the “Upload data” button.Hit on the Publish Map.
The map is published and can now be seen on our cloud account.
Click on “Show” to view the web map we just created.
We just created a comprehensive web map in FIVE minutes. The web map is now online for viewing by anyone who has the link.

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