About Life In GIS

Life in GIS is your go-to-site on GIS tutorials, Web-GIS Development, Articles, Geo-Stories, Remote Sensing, UAVs, Data, Tutorials. The platform was established as an initiative to share knowledge within the GI sector in which tutorials, both text, and video, have been used for this purpose. In the long period that the platform has been around, materials have been shared and are open to all who seek to learn or get informed about various topics.

The founder of Life in GIS, Wanjohi Kibui, has spearheaded the development of content on this platform and continues to share more on his YouTube Channel and on other social platforms available for GIS users. Wanjohi believes in sharing knowledge as it’s one great way of learning. In this spirit, the platform has been open to writers who share similar insights, objectives, and goals. In its endeavours to be a go-to platform for geospatial materials and information, Life in GIS invites writers from within the sector who are willing to share their research, tools, or outputs from various projects for education purposes only.

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