GeoExt, ExtJS, OpenLayers and GeoJSON

Hello guys, some time ago I did a sample application on GeoExt, ExtJS, OpenLayers and GeoJSON to manage data from a number of weather stations in the country. This is a front-end application with data being in GeoJSON format. A video about the application uploaded on YouTube :

The application can be accessed at Weather Station Portal

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Wanjohi Kibui

A GIS user with interests in web and desktop systems development, FOSS advocate, trainer and mentor. Lives in Nairobi but finds adventure in travelling.
The "Life in GIS" phrase is as a result of the many told and untold stories in the Geospatial realm.

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Adedeji oluwatola

Good morning I’m Oluwatola a Nigerian pls indeed to ask a couple of questions to ask as regards webgis geoserver and how to leave localhost to have my webmaps online. Pls can I speak with you

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