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Colour-blind maps

We are living in an era of digital maps. We’ve evolved from static maps to dynamic maps where different formats(icons, pictures) of information are being developed and shared by a large group of people globally. When mapping, less often do we consider making color blind maps. How do you paint a picture or develop a map when the color blind is waiting to see the results. Over a long period, this has been a difficult area to tackle but thanks to QGIS.QGIS introduced the “Preview Mode” (Simulate Color Blindness (Protanope/Deuteranope)) which helps GIS Analysts to create maps that will be perceived by all.

To Do:
In QGIS 2.4 (Windows)
Go to “VIEW” > Preview Mode > (select either Simulate Color Blindness Protanope / Deuteranope )
The outputs for various modes have the visual difference as the images :
Map normal view
Map under normal view
Map in colour-blind mode
Color blind maps in Protanope mode
Color Blind Maps in Deuteranope mode
As in the three maps,different views can be seen and happily we’ve created a map which can be perceived by all.

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Wanjohi Kibui
Wanjohi Kibuihttps://www.lifeingis.com
A GIS user with interests in web and desktop systems development, FOSS advocate, trainer and mentor. Lives in Nairobi but finds adventure in travelling. The "Life in GIS" phrase is as a result of the many told and untold stories in the Geospatial realm.

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