Tourist attractions in the USA

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        USA is prominent worldwide for its ample and startling tourist attractions. It has interesting and fascinating sites in the world and thus receives millions of tourists annually.
      Tourists flood this country every year to see for themselves remarkable, outstanding  and most attractive spots like the Niagara falls, uncountable parks and grand canyon only to name a few.
The list below has the top 10 tourist attractions that make it an awesome country to make your holidays fantastic.
        The Grand Canyon is a top tourist attraction in the world and heavily visited all the years. It is simply a mind blowing site that you should not miss touring while in the USA.
        The canyon is situated on the northern part of Arizona. The canyon is spectacular with clean and pristine clear water making it very inviting.  The canyon is particularly known for its depth that sinks to about 1.6 kilometers making it one of the deepest canyons in the world. It is also lengthy about 466 kilometers thus requiring a meaningful time to utterly explore its beauty. It is in fact one of the longest canyons ever known in the whole world.
       The atmosphere around the enticing Grand Canyon is very appealing. Visitors like spending most of their time by its side to gather much of its tranquility. The landscape on which the canyon rests on is one among the best in the whole of the USA. It is actually a good place to have several photos. Plants covering the whole region are immaculate green thus making the whole vast territory extremely colorful.
      Las Vegas strip is with all certainty an amazing site that ranks among the top 10 attractions in the USA and that you will never regret having paid it a visit. It is surely full of life at all times.
 The Las Vegas Strip is located in the central parts of the Southern Nevada desert scenery.The strip is resourceful with numerous casinos of all kinds. You will have the very best experience you would want to experience by visiting the Las Vegas Strip. You can actually walk from one casino to the next choosing the best kind of a relaxing mood. The casinos have attractive names that will keep inviting you into each and every one of them. By the way, it is very cheap to get into any of this casinos.The strip also covers a wide area that will expose you to lots of new things every time you visit. You can actually think that the place gets contemporary attractions every day or every hour.
       The most alluring thing you should not miss in this strip is walking leisurely from one end of the strip to the very end of it. You will find many enchanting shops, cafes and first rate hotels. This will require you to have a lengthy moment as the strip can take about half a day to walk to every part of it. You will be very delightful about the experience you will get from site.
        Don’t miss visiting this stirring attraction in the USA. Actually you will be compelled to visit the site many more times.

       Denali National Pak is a spectacular site not to miss while in USA. It is actually one of the parks in the USA that receives thousands of tourists every year.
       The park is situated in the central parts of Alaska and indeed a dramatic site for nature lovers. Denali National Park is popularly known for its impeccable McKinley Mountains. The mountains are a fabulous place you will enjoy climbing to their top most part.
     The vegetation at Denali National Park too is the best of its kind that gives the whole region a unique interactive ambiance.  Moreover, the park is rich with wildlife. You will have to like the many magical wolves, caribou, grizzly bears and moose. It is actually a site you will have wonderful time admiring the beautiful animals and more so taking them several photos.
     Denali National Park has also the best tourists guides to take you around the whole area thus you will not have any doubt of getting lost or failing to understand some important details of the many beauties embraced within the park.
        Niagara falls are with no doubt a stunning site you should not miss visiting while in the USA. It is ranked among the top 10 tourist attraction in the USA and most visited place in the World.  The site is very compelling and awesome for nature lovers.
        Niagara falls are located on a nice and good looking landscape between the province of Ontario and the charming State of New York. The falls are really spectacular with three impeccable falls where the first one is the American Falls, then the Bridal Veil Falls and finally the Horseshoe Falls. Their waters drop in a magnetic manner that you may find yourself remaining there for a whole day. You will definitely have a first class experience viewing each of this magnificent wonders. You will also love the cool ambiance marrying the whole region due to the misty nature caused by the dropping water.
       The Horseshoe Falls is well seen from the Canadian side with the others on the New York side. It is actually a site not to be missed out while in the USA. Travelers should actually carry with them cameras as the site is certainly charismatic and one that you should keep good memories of.
The foliage cover is also spectacular with many unusual but lovely plants twinning on each other. The site is definitely good for hiking down to the falls valley. There are also several rocks protruding at several parts offering good holding places as you walk down the valley.  
         Florida Keys is another auspicious tourist site with many adorable attractions. It is linked by an extensive 120 miles of many strings of tropical islands bordering Florida.
Florida Keys is joined to the mainland by a sequence of outstanding and strong bridges. One of the most adored and impressive bridge which is elongated for approximately 7 miles long has magnetize the interest and attention of several film makers to have their videos and movies recorded in this attractive site.
        This site also has exhilarating art of balcony with various attractive artifacts. You can’t miss to see various syrupy tropical fish. The coastline is full of activities; the skiing, fishing and boating that will draw your full attention.  You will have wonderful moments watching the lovely dolphins swimming their usual act of jumping into and out of water along the coast. This is the place where you should be having your camera at hand to record this attractive event.
         National art gallery is one of the renowned and famous museums in the USA at large. It is situated in Washington DC having spectacular art collections. It is ranked to be among the leading and first class museum in the world. It receives uncountable tourists who flood the museum annually.
The National art gallery has outstanding works of art, this include anthology of masterpieces in the world containing impressive photographs, prints, drawings, sculpture, paintings and other  inspiring garnish artistic works dating long time ago to the present.
       Furthermore, the museum doesn’t charge any entrance fee and is also used for various educational purposes, lectures, tours, films and other performances. You will enjoy strolling around the museum appreciating all the wonderful displays attached on its walls. Finding your favorite place inside the museum is quite easy due to various displays that show routes and items to be seen by respective interested parties.
      Lastly but not least, you will encounter a vast of reputable universal surveys of work that were carried out by the American, British, Italian, Flemish, Spanish, and German. It is indeed a fine art work that should not be missed by any tourist. Get yourselves some films from this immense museum to remind you of memorable occasions in future.
      The memorial park and national mall is a stunning site located in Washington DC. Though one of the oldest parks, it has one of the most outstanding and preserved park with many countless items to be seen.
     The park has a vast collection of emblem public attraction found in a large track of land covering about over a thousand acres of national mall.
       You will also come across several unique memorial parks; Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson memorials and having sculptures of renowned famous deceased people. The memorial is surrounded with beautiful flowers that makes distinguishable and typical.
      You will also stumble upon the assembly of Korean and Vietnam memorials which were constructed in distinctive and unique way. It displays the names of those who lost their lives during the war.
        The dazzling Golden gate bridge is a must stop while touring in the USA. It is one of the top most visited sites in the world. It will be a lovely site to explore especially for the nature lovers.
The Golden Gate Bridge is a spectacular dangling bridge straddling the amazing golden gate. It is a site worth of visiting as you will like the structure of the gate. The bridge extends from San Francisco to Marin country on the northern side. It is in fact the longest hanging bridge across the gate. It is very popular in San Francisco and California as it is a symbol to both of them.
The bridge has a delightful tint comprising of red orange color hence very clear even when palled by mist or fog which is common in the region.
        The Yellow Stone National Park is an incredible site that is certainly a top 10 tourist attraction in the USA. It is in fact one of the most visited places in the world.
The Yellow Stone National Park rests on a spectacular ground that offers moving attraction. You can be very opportunistic if you visit at a moment when the hot spot on which the park is located emits very light but scorching molten small rocks. This will be indeed a striking thing you will love to witness.
       The park is very resourceful with many things to see. The park was established with an aim of protecting the numerous wide hot springs and geysers. You will with no doubt love to touch the warm water.  By the way, the park has more than 1000 geysers and hot springs that are very famous in the world. You will also have an impeccable moment strolling by these beauties and taking many of their photos.
      Yellow Stone Park is also known for its compelling and wonderful wildlife. There are actually many charming animals such as the deer, elk, wolves, black bears and bison. The foliage too is amazing giving you the best place to relax in.
     The park also has a rugged terrain which you will enjoy walking on as it gives good view points of all the beauties abhorred within the boundaries of the park. It is actually one place you should never miss visiting while in the USA.
      Kilauea is an astounding Volcano that you will not miss touring while in the USA. The site is scenic due to its mountainous landscape.
The volcano is easily seen from far as it is a low and level shield volcanic with some parts having very tall steep peaks you will not be required to ascend to its top. You will however have to be very vigilant while visiting the site as it is an active volcano that is known to have been erupting since long time ago.
       The volcano is also very popular as it known to be the recent contributor towards the creation of the amusing archipelago of Hawaii.
       Kilauea Lake is also a compelling feature you will enjoy seeing. It is a lake that is full of hot lava that flows the volcano. You should always remember to bring a camera to this area to take its gorgeous looks

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  1. Really interesting sharing I am impressed! USA offers a wide range of tourist attractions to its visitors. Grand Canyon is one of my favorite tourist attractions. I have been there few months ago during my new york to niagara falls with my family. This natural wonder is stretching 277 miles from end to end; steep, rocky walls descend more than a mile to the canyon’s floor, where the wild Colorado River traces a swift course southwest.

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