“Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know— future projects decide what we will learn.” ~Dr. Moshin Tiwana

  • GIS Portal – GBV Somalia
  • Mapping Households and Sanitation Facilities in Viwandani Area, Nairobi – Spatial Collective/Sanergy
  • Developing Mapping Dashboards – Bean Interactive
  • Zanzibar Mapping Initiative – Spatial Collective/World Bank/Zanzibar Commission of Lands
  • Client mapping program – Multichoice Tanzania
  • LIMS Consultant – Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development(RCMRD)
  • Green House Gases Inventory system – Uganda, Kenya
  • Land Information Management System- Nakuru County
  • A biodiversity mapping online GIS platform – SNTC, Swaziland
  • A pilot implementation of the land administration domain model (LADM) for Kenya– A project of the SERVIR small grants program (2014-2015)
  • Agricultural web-based spatial Decision Support System – 2015
  • Nyamira County webGIS development – (2015)
  • GIS system development –Gatamathi Water and Sanitation Company (2014)
  • Development of a GIS water utility management system –Nanyuki Water and Sanitation Company
  • Weather information portal for Kenya
  • Open Source GIS platforms to build a Rentals portal – Nyeri County
  • Integration of GIS and CAD systems for resource management for Counties in Kenya – Training program for Narok County
  • Business Permit monitoring & Business mapping – Nyeri County


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YouTube Channel
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