GeoExt, ExtJS, OpenLayers and GeoJSON

Hello guys, some time ago I did a sample application on GeoExt, ExtJS, OpenLayers and GeoJSON to manage data from a number of weather stations in the country. This is a front-end... Read more »

GeoDjango Tutorial Series

GeoDjango is Django module used for developing GIS web applications. Django is Python framework for web development. Using the Spatial databases, data analytics, using Geospatial libraries can all be handled in the... Read more »

Filtering data from PostGIS database in QGIS

Hello, Today, I wanted to share a very short article with you regarding spatial data queries in QGIS from a PostGIS database. This is an approach widely used by developers, analysts and... Read more »

A Web-GIS – A System for Agriculture

Its quite some time since I talked about web GIS development on this blog.In the last one year,I have had a great time exploring different mapping platforms and testing any platform that... Read more »

Easing traffic in Nairobi City

The completion of the major routes¬† and highways such as the Thika Superhighway in February 2012 has seen a tremendous increase in traffic in and out of the capital, Nairobi.This was due... Read more »

The good news in QGIS 2.14.0 – Essen

In the last few years, QGIS has really grown in a huge collection of tools, algorithms tackling various tasks in its environments.The Dev team has really given QGIS a new look and... Read more »

Important Python Libraries for Geospatial

Today, I take a look at the Python Libraries useful when dealing with Geospatial Data. The most popular GIS; QGIS and ArcGIS are developed on Python thus giving us the power to... Read more »

The amazing sections in QGIS

Recently, I posted a photo here about the styling effects found in QGIS for vector layers.This quite caught many eyes into the issue of the awesomeness found in QGIS and today, I... Read more »

A pilot Land Administration Domain Model(LADM) for Kenya

Kenya has amassed a huge collection of records since 1902 when the colonial government put in place the Crown Land Ordinance of 1902. This law allowed alienation of native lands for the... Read more »

GIS impacts in the East African Region

Geographic information systems (GIS) has become a well-known term all over the world due to its rapid growth all through from the time it had its roots. You might want to have... Read more »

Nearest neighbor Analysis in QGIS

GIS is very useful in analyzing spatial relationship between features.It is important at times to find the features nearest to a feature in GIS.To achieve this, we can use the Distance Matrix... Read more »

3D visualization of Data in QGIS

Well, this is a topic that I have always wanted to write about but have been a little bit reluctant.I think this has been attributed to the fact that I didn’t find... Read more »