Google Earth Engine Explorer

This blog is an introduction to the Google Earth Engine Explorer. The Google Earth Engine Explorer comprises the data catalogue and the workspace. The catalogue is used for searching and import of data to the workspace, while the workspace is used for the viewing of data.

Data Catalogue

It provides the datasets available in earth engine explorer for viewing and analysis. In order to view the data, click on the data catalogue in the upper right corner of the application. It displays all the available datasets in the earth engine explorer as shown.

There are different types of datasets available for selection. For example, clicking the MODIS Aqua Daily BAI dataset displays it in the workspace as shown below.

To view it in the workspace, click the open in workspace button.


Data can be manipulated and visualized in the workspace within the Google Earth Engine Explorer. Click the add data icon to begin adding data to the workspace. The workspace will display the dataset you selected above, which you may edit by panning and zooming. Using the icons in the upper right corner, you can change the background from a map to a satellite.

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