Install QGIS 3.4 in Ubuntu 16.04

The month of October, 2018, ushered in the new LTR, QGIS 3.4 “Madeira”. This was a long-awaited version as it unleashes powerful tools for use by GIS enthusiasts in the industry. Switching... Read more »

Adding triggers to SpatiaLite Databases in QGIS

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Using Photos in QGIS Projects

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SpatiaLite Databases for Community Mapping

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Filtering data from PostGIS database in QGIS

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The good news in QGIS 2.14.0 – Essen

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The amazing sections in QGIS

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Nearest neighbor Analysis in QGIS

GIS is very useful in analyzing spatial relationship between features.It is important at times to find the features nearest to a feature in GIS.To achieve this, we can use the Distance Matrix... Read more »

Using QGIS Layer Styles in GeoServer

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Generating Contours from DEM in QGIS

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Maps for the Color blind

We are living in an era of digital maps.We’ve evolved from static maps to dynamic maps where different formats(icons,pictures) of information are being developed and shared by a large group of people... Read more »

Adding layers from GeoServer in QGIS

In a GIS, the ability to handle more data formats is of key priority while developing the system. This gives the GIS users a wider variety of formats to choose from during... Read more »