Future of GIS

The future of GIS

GIS has come a long way. A few years ago, a lot of industries didn’t know it existed, let alone applying it in their decision-making process. Fast forward and GIS has revolutionized... Read more »

How to grow your GIS development career

It’s long since I talked about career growth. I tend to assume this a lot when talking to people since it seems a bit obvious. However, over time I have come to... Read more »

How GIS influenced my life

It was in 2010, when I received my KCSE results for the 2009 exam. Having passed the exam, I was to join campus a year later. Born and raised in the country-side,... Read more »

3D Maps with Leaflet and eegeo.js

We like maps and will continue like them more. Every day, there are changes in the libraries used for mapping. With most maps being 2D, exploring 3D maps is so much fun... Read more »

Easing traffic in Nairobi City

The completion of the major routes¬† and highways such as the Thika Superhighway in February 2012 has seen a tremendous increase in traffic in and out of the capital, Nairobi.This was due... Read more »

The good news in QGIS 2.14.0 – Essen

In the last few years, QGIS has really grown in a huge collection of tools, algorithms tackling various tasks in its environments.The Dev team has really given QGIS a new look and... Read more »

A pilot Land Administration Domain Model(LADM) for Kenya

Kenya has amassed a huge collection of records since 1902 when the colonial government put in place the Crown Land Ordinance of 1902. This law allowed alienation of native lands for the... Read more »

GIS impacts in the East African Region

Geographic information systems (GIS) has become a well-known term all over the world due to its rapid growth all through from the time it had its roots. You might want to have... Read more »

9 essential GIS skills

A GIS automates creating, analyzing, manipulating, storing , querying and retrieval of spatial data for users. However, there are various essential skills that a user should have to utilize the capabilities of... Read more »

Tourist attractions in the USA

        USA is prominent worldwide for its ample and startling tourist attractions. It has interesting and fascinating sites in the world and thus receives millions of tourists annually.       Tourists flood this... Read more »


This is an explanation of the activities involved in growing rice in Mwea irrigation scheme. INTRODUCTION Mwea irrigation scheme is in Kirinyaga county, Central province and is the biggest rice producing scheme... Read more »