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    For the last few weeks, I have been putting together some ideas that I gathered from different environments when interacting with people in GIS.We are talking and implementing GIS in our daily tasks either in the office, fields and even education centers.With the modern day innovation and technology, we ought to keep our levels of understanding about GIS higher to help maintain the working conditions and work-flows we implement each day. In short, its time to start developing in GIS.

I have interacted with many GISers and shared topics in GIS and they all seem to like the innovations happening in the GEO sector as automation is one of the key areas being focused by the software developers and also the availability of many platforms to use and share spatial data are extremely awesome.There exist the Three main sections namely; Desktop GIS, Web GIS and Mobile GIS.
Today, its very easy to go to the field with a GPS Receiver, collect  some data, download the data onto your field computer and connect to the Internet and share your data with the public or group or even a community.Utilizing technology has proven to be one of the best solutions to many “barriers” that existed when sharing spatial data.In the last decade, there has been immense increase in GIS users around the world leading to huge collection of spatial data.Sharing this data has been a necessity to many but somehow difficult due to different issues that exist in the industry.
Web GIS is being utilized to share data across the globe by many GIS users as there exist myriad of platforms to put up spatial data.There exist both proprietary and free platforms that can be utilized depending on the specifications required in the various projects.
With this in mind, I decided to start a project Begin developing in  GIS that will help people learn how to develop in GIS from the basics.The target group is both students and also users practicing GIS in the industry.The project started on April 24, 2015 when the first release was done.
This will be a series with a release every week to help keep track of the progress of anyone utilizing the material.The first two releases can be accessed from Here

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