Future of GIS

The future of GIS

GIS has come a long way. A few years ago, a lot of industries didn’t know it existed, let alone applying it in their decision-making process. Fast forward and GIS has revolutionized... Read more »

GeoDjango Tutorial Guide

Some months ago, I was requested to develop a written guide on web-mapping system development using GeoDjango as published on the playlist on My Channel . After great efforts, I have released... Read more »

How to tweak GeoDjango Admin

In my GeoDjango tutorial series, I shared details on the development of a web-mapping solution using GeoDjango. Depending on the structure of the application and the use, Django admin is a very... Read more »

How to grow your GIS development career

It’s long since I talked about career growth. I tend to assume this a lot when talking to people since it seems a bit obvious. However, over time I have come to... Read more »

SpatiaLite Databases for Community Mapping

All Geospatial projects contain an element of data collection and preparation. This is vital stage in project execution that has to be dealt with carefully and correctly as it would lead to... Read more »

How GIS influenced my life

It was in 2010, when I received my KCSE results for the 2009 exam. Having passed the exam, I was to join campus a year later. Born and raised in the country-side,... Read more »

Begin developing in GIS

    For the last few weeks, I have been putting together some ideas that I gathered from different environments when interacting with people in GIS.We are talking and implementing GIS in our... Read more »