Maps for the Color blind

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We are living in an era of digital maps.We’ve evolved from static maps to dynamic maps where different formats(icons,pictures) of information are being developed and shared by a large group of people globally.When mapping,less often do we consider the color blind.How do you paint a picture or develop a map when the color blind is waiting to see the results.Over a long period, this has been a difficult area to tackle but thanks to QGIS.QGIS introduced the “Preview Mode” (Simulate Color Blindness (Protanope/Deuteranope)) which help GIS Analysts to create maps that will be perceived by all.
To Do:
In QGIS 2.4 (Windows)
Go to “VIEW” > Preview Mode > (select either Simulate Color Blindness Protanope / Deuteranope )
The outputs for various modes have the visual difference as the images :
Map under normal view


Map “Color blindness” (Protanope)
Map in Color Blindness mode(Deuteranope)
As in the three maps,different views can be seen and happily we’ve created a map which can be perceived by all.

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